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Electric Model 450 Lithium-ion Battery Quick Charge Between ResurfacingsExceptional ManeuverabilityZero Battery Maintenance
Electric Model 552AC Lithium-ion Battery Quick Charge Between ResurfacingsNo Overnight Charging NeededZero Battery Maintenance
Electric Model 552AC Lead Acid Battery Microprocessor-controlled Chargers for Long Battery LifeAC Motors and Controls
Fuel Model 546 Gas / Propane Powerful 1.6 L Compact EngineEPA and CARB CertifiedFuel EfficiencyOnboard DiagnosticsHydrostatic Transmission
Fuel Model 526 CNG / Gas / Propane Powerful 2.4 L Compact EngineEPA and CARB CertifiedFuel EfficiencyFull Capacities
Fuel Model 446 CNG / Gas / Propane Powerful Compact EngineEPA and CARB CertifiedFuel EfficiencyExceptional ManeuverabilityEase of Operation
Fuel Model 700 Gas / Propane Six-Cylinder 4.3 L EngineDesigned for Large SurfacesHydrostatic TransmissionAdditional 25% Snow Capacity
Tractor Pulled Model 200 Complete Resurfacing ProcessTractor-Pulled UnitValue and Performance for Full-Size Outdoor Surfaces
Tractor Pulled Model 100 Complete Resurfacing ProcessTractor-Pulled UnitExceptional Maneuverability96° Turn Radius for Unique Rink Configurations
Edger Power Edger Gas / Propane Electric Start OptionAdjustable Board GuideWide 18"
Option FastICE® Accurate and Automated High Pressure Fine Mist Water Application System
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    Save Time and Resources: Build ice faster at higher temperatures. Use significantly less water.
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    Superior Ice Surface: Precision spray nozzles for exceptionally accurate control of water distribution at any speed.
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    Digital Console: Live data for spray volume, ground speed, water flow and application rate scaling, water pressure/ temperature and total water used. Output to USB for reporting.
Option Level-Ice® Laser Leveling Automates Precision Blade Control for Consistently Level Ice
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    Exceptional Accuracy: Laser and receiver provide an accurate reference point allowing the ice to be built to an even and optimal height.
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    Automatic Blade Adjustment: Programmed settings maintain a minimum and maximum cut standard.
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    Efficiencies Deliver Savings: Reduced wear on the ice resurfacer and extended blade life. Significant savings from reduced energy and water consumption.
Option Blade Changing Assistant Zero Touch Blade Change Tool for a SafeQuick and Easy Installation/ Removal of Your Ice Resurfacer Blade
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    Touch-free Blade Change: Magnetic handles secure the blade for movement. Operators do not need to make physical contact with the exposed blade.
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    Ease of Operation: Adjustment button and bolt precisely align the unit to simplify blade installation/ removal.
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    Convenient Bolt Access: The spring-loaded hex pin system holds screws in place so the operator can loosen or tighten them from above.
Option Zamboni Connect Mobile App and Online Tool to Monitor Consumption and Optimize Performance
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    Predictive Maintenance: Automated preventative maintenance reminders. Digital maintenance log documents your on-site service activities.
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    Resource Management: Records and displays resurfacing speed, battery health, consumption of fuel/ electric and IMW.
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    Access Anywhere: Not on site? Login to the web or mobile app from your computer or any iOS or Android device and you have instant access to remotely oversee the operation.