Options for Sustainability

Ice-Making Innovations Combine For Savings of Time, Labor, Energy and Water

Our continuing innovation: Lithium-ion battery technology, FastICE®, Zamboni Connect, Level-Ice® and more means facilities can have ice quality only previously accessible to world-class or “league-level” venues.

Ice Making System

Create superior ice with an accurate and automated high pressure fine mist water application, resulting in significant savings of time and energy.

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Save Time and Resources
Less gases trapped in the ice minimizes the need for temperature adjustments. Build ice faster at higher temperatures. Use significantly less water.

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Superior Ice Surface
Precision spray nozzles deliver a pressurized mist of fine droplets for exceptionally accurate control of water distribution at any speed. Less snow pickup and disposal.

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Digital Console
Live data for spray volume, ground speed, water flow and application rate scaling, water pressure/ temperature and total water used. Output to USB for reporting.

The continued innovation of this product has resulted in ice quality that had only previously been experienced in world-class or “league-level” venues. FastICE creates the ice surface with a computer controlled high pressure pump for an even and accurate fine mist water application. The smooth and consistent application freezes and bonds quickly and evenly with the existing surface, dramatically improving the quality of the ice.
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Laser Leveling System

Automated precision blade control provides consistently level ice and significant savings of energy, water and time.

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Efficiencies Deliver Savings
Reduced wear on the ice resurfacer and extended blade life. Significant savings from reduced energy and water consumption, less labor, and more ice time to sell.

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Exceptional Accuracy
Laser and receiver units work together to provide an accurate reference point to within a half millimeter, allowing the ice to be built to an even and optimal height and dramatically reducing ice maintenance needs.

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Automatic Blade Adjustment
Programmed settings maintain a minimum and maximum cut standard which can be controlled by one user, allowing a consistent resurfacing from the entire ice maintenance team.

Drive to Net Zero – Laser Leveling System, Level-Ice
Laser technology has been available to arena operators for nearly two decades and word has spread regarding the benefits of using laser leveling to improve the quality of the ice surface, as well as controlling costs and the consumption of resources.
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Model 552AC / Model 450

Lithium-ion powered resurfacers provide cost savings and meet the green goals that will help to ensure ice sports are sustainable for future generations.

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Ideally Suited for Rink Industry Use
the quick charge time of Lithium-ion affords operators a fast return to the ice with maximum capacity, supporting busy arena schedules and with no overnight downtime


Zero Battery Maintenance
the sealed battery package has no need for watering, equalization, acid/electrolyte handling nor cleaning


BMS Smart Charge
no worry of over-charging or monitoring charger performance as the battery management system monitors and optimizes health and longevity of the system

Drive to Net Zero – Lithium-ion as a Powerful Tool for Sustainability and Savings
Maybe your facility is considering switching from fuel to electric. Lead acid battery powered electric equipment is a solid choice and you may be confident that it is right for your arena. There is a lot of interest in lithium-ion, but it’s new so is it right for your next ice resurfacer?
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Zamboni Connect

Monitor consumption and optimize performance with predictive insight and resource management.

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Resource Management
Monitor and evaluate detailed results of your fuel / electric / water consumption for opportunities to conserve resources and money. Fleet managers can compare group data to identify potential savings.


Customized Reporting
Use a wide variety of data points to develop custom spreadsheets and reports suited to your facility’s needs. Identify trends in consumption and performance to forecast maintenance and service needs.


Constant Access
Zamboni Connect is accessible on demand around the clock on web and mobile (iOS and Android).

Zamboni Connect – Harness the Power of Intelligence Onboard Your Machine
The ice business is notoriously difficult with high costs related to equipment maintenance and utilities being an ever-present challenge. The ability to monitor energy and water consumption and other variables during resurfacing provides a new vantage point to save valuable resources and improve your bottom line.
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Hear how others have leveraged FastICE, Level-Ice, and Lithium-ion machines to improve their facilities.




FastICE Testimonials

Because you’re using the spray system and you’re only putting a certain amount of water down and not overflooding the rink. By not having that water sit on the surface while it’s setting up you’re able to make a lot harder sheet of ice and we’ve definitely noticed that.

~ Ryan Gowan, Operations Manager, The Sports Centre at Western Fair District, London, Ontario, Canada

Level-Ice Testimonials

While working on budgets, I was able to gather information demonstrating our labor savings of $13,000.00 a year. With a number of new efficiencies in the building, we will drastically reduce the heat load on our slab as well as the load on our dehumidification and HVAC systems.

~ Ryan Shaffer, Recreation Director, White Township Public Parks, S&T Bank Arena

Going Electric Testimonials

We have a megawatt of solar. We’ve reduced waste. A Zamboni (machine) typically uses about 850 gallons of fuel. We’re reducing 7.5 megatons of carbon monoxide [annually] from the atmosphere.

~ Jay Freeman, General Manager, Flyers Skate Zone

Machine Line Drawings for Reference and Vinyl Ad Wraps

These drawings contain important information about the proper way to apply a wrap, leaving safety labels visible and to not apply wraps over ventilation points, etc. on the machine.  

Safety Wall Poster

Each new Zamboni machine shipment includes a poster which should be placed on the wall in the machine’s storage area so that it is visible for anyone near the machine. If your poster is missing or has been damaged and requires replacement, your local Zamboni Authorized Distributor will work with you to provide a replacement poster at no cost.

Click here to go to the Zamboni Owners Area to download safety poster files for print.

Safety posters are available in a number of languages.


Safety Label Placement

It is important for the safe and proper operation of your machine that you make sure the safety labels are visible and legible. If your machine’s safety labels are missing, damaged or painted over, a replacement set of the labels can be sent to your arena at no cost. Safety labels are available in a number of languages besides English. Please contact your Zamboni Authorized Distributor to request safety labels.

Once you have received your safety labels, use the planogram instructions below for safety label placement on your machine.

Circle Check

The overall objective of the “circle check” on a Zamboni machine is to evaluate the ice resurfacer and its systems, as well as the environment in which it will be operated.

This list is not intended to be a comprehensive checklist and was created as a general guideline to encourage the circle check routine, based on a variety of machine models and features. Your machine model, features and options may vary and those specific items requiring attention should be added to your facility’s checklist and circle check routine.

Promotional Activities and Riders

The Zamboni Company has had a consistently firm position against riders being on a resurfacer, other than the operator. The Zamboni ice resurfacer was designed and intended for use only as a special purpose machine and not as a recreational or promotional machine. The Zamboni Company’s warning labels, operating instructions, safety instructions and safety poster clearly state, “Do not permit riders on the Zamboni machine at any time” and “No Riders!” Any failure to adhere to the safety labels’ warnings, operating instructions and safety instructions must be considered a serious matter.

The Zamboni Company, joined by Ice Rink Industry groups would like to share their collective position regarding promotional activities such as “ice resurfacer school”, “driving class” and “resurfacer camp”.

Some of the reasons for Zamboni’s position in the regard, among others, are as follows:

  • Proximity of dangerous moving parts and augers.
  • Proximity to very hot hydraulic oil lines and tank.
  • Uncertain protection against obstructions, slip-and-fall, etc.
  • Distraction of the driver from his primary responsibility.
  • Operator visibility.
  • Risks of injury.

For these reasons, Zamboni does not approve of and will not be responsible for any injury, death or property damage that might result from any unapproved use or of any unauthorized modification of the machine that would permit a rider to be on the machine.  In addition, be advised that all parties involved with the promotion of an additional rider or riders on a Zamboni ice resurfacer could be exposed to third party liability due to the general public’s exposure to such a promotion.

Be aware that the installation of a second seat raises other safety matters such as enhanced operator training, safety and warning instructions, additional operator responsibilities and the need for supplemental insurance coverage, etc.

Should you require additional information, please feel free to contact your Zamboni Authorized Distributor or The Zamboni Company directly.

Air Quality and Emissions

The Zamboni Company has a long-standing concern about air quality and emissions in ice rinks, and we have been at the forefront of building electric and alternate fueled vehicles since the late 1970’s. We’re confident that our machines if properly maintained can continue to operate in a safe manner even after many years of use.

The machines built today by the Zamboni Company are almost exclusively alternative fuel powered, using propane and natural gas engines or electric power. All of our machine models provide a clean option and they allow a “green” choice for arena operators, based on their specific needs.

However, with respect to older machines, just as in the automobile industry the responsibility for maintenance rightly belongs to the owner of the vehicle. Even with proper maintenance, there can never be an elimination of indoor air ventilation and regular testing of the air quality inside all rinks is critical, no matter the age of the machine.

The Zamboni Company and their Zamboni Authorized Distributors provide a network of support and information for owners of Zamboni® ice resurfacing machines. Operations manuals, safety information and maintenance information relating to our products is available to owners of new and older model machines. Zamboni Customer Service and our Authorized Distributors can assist with Zamboni Authentic Parts and Service. Contact information is located in the “Contact” section of this web site.

The United States Ice Rink Association has compiled important reference material regarding air quality in ice rinks which we encourage you to review. You can find it on their website via this link: USIRA website

The Ontario Recreation Facilities Association Inc. has created guidelines for indoor air quality in Arenas. Please download the PDF below to review.

Safety Materials

The Zamboni Company provides machine owners with information regarding the safe and proper operation and maintenance of its products. All safety and operations reference materials should be posted properly and made available to operators for their review on a regular basis. Replacement materials are available from your Zamboni Authorized Distributor or Zamboni Customer Service. Zamboni ice resurfacing machines have detailed instructions in both the manual and on the factory installed warning labels. The safety materials which are now online were formerly mailed to known owners of our products. Please register your machine to download and share these documents with your entire ice maintenance/machine service staff. 

Access this document in the Zamboni Owners Area