Zamboni Authentic Parts & Service

The Zamboni Company takes pride in its reputation as the leader in ice resurfacing technology. Service and support for our products is available through our corporate offices and through our network of Zamboni Authorized Distributors. For information regarding machine parts and service, please contact the Zamboni Company or your Authorized Distributor and have your machine’s model number and serial number available.

Board Brush
Snow Breaker Spring
Natural Rubber Impeller
Poly Side Plate
Bushing and Bolt Kit
Horizontal Auger Bearings
Blue Impeller
Blade Bolts
Vertical Auger Bearings
Water Valve
White Cloth Towel
Down Pressure Spring
Impeller Gasket
Snow Breaker
Black Synthetic Towel

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We offer a wide range of parts specially designed for Zamboni ice resurfacing machines. Contact your Regional Sales Manager or Zamboni Authorized Distributor for pricing.

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Zamboni Customer Service and a network of Zamboni Authorized Distributors provide exceptional and accessible service and support worldwide.

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