The 552 Ice Resurfacer

The 552 is simple to drive and very easy to operate.

The ergonomically designed operator’s compartment has well-placed controls and an easy-to-see display gauge providing diagnostic capabilities as well as battery and hour meter information.

The 552 provides a tailpipe emission-free machine capable of handling the busy schedules of today's arena surfaces. Utilizing proven "forklift industry" technology, the Zamboni 552 has proven itself as a proud member in our long line of products known for their innovative technology.

The 552 has it all… reliability, performance and handling.

Easy Access Controls

The Ultimate Machine

Our state-of-the-art electronic controls are neatly packaged and easily accessible below the operator’s seat.

Zamboni ice resurfacers have a well-deserved reputation for producing the finest sheet of ice, even after many years of use.

  • Hydraulics

    8HP electric motor with programmable step-ups drives the double pump. Separate pump sections for the vertical and horizontal augers provide strong conveyor performance. Conveyor augers operate at full speed, even when slowing the machine for corners. High quality 10 and 20 micron filters are easy to access.

  • Drivetrain

    Four-wheel drive. Rugged Dana Spicer® axles combine with a 17.5 HP traction motor, providing the most reliable drivetrain in the industry.

  • Construction

    Strong 2" x 5" all-welded structural steel tubing Zamboni chassis. High quality paint and primer used throughout. Rust-free polyethylene ice making water tank with easy access cover is standard.

  • Battery and Charger

    510 A/H - Standard. Industry-proven lead acid batteries. Microprocessor controlled chargers for long battery life.

  • Electronic Controls

    Dependable Sevcon® MOSFET solid state controls have been proven in applications throughout the world. "On-board" diagnostics provide:

    • • trouble shooting capability
    • • machine management functions
    • • motor brush wear sensors.