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Why Zamboni is the Clear Choice


Skilled training by industry experts with real-world resurfacing experience. Emphasis on materials and best practices developed by the Zamboni Company.


We continually challenge our product, putting it to the test in the harsh environment it will call home.


Easy to operate and service with simplicity by design, Zamboni has the highest residual value, while maintaining the lowest cost of operation.

Industry Leader

Worldwide, many facility owners and operators choose Zamboni than any other ice resurfacer.

There are a tremendous amount of venues, there are a tremendous amount of ice rinks that need those Zamboni machines and you guys provide what I believe is the best designed, the most reliable equipment out there as it relates to running ice venues.

Lee Zeidman, President
Staples Center, Microsoft Theater, L.A. Live
Los Angeles, California

From a fleet perspective, I can understand the hesitation in moving toward EV technology. I think my advice to anyone who is looking at going down the road of purchasing a new ice resurfacer is to take a couple steps back and really have a hard look at the dollars and cents side of it. I think that's where you when you start really getting into what the financial value of this equipment is and looking past the fuel side, but also taking into account the maintenance costs, the longevity of the equipment and the total lifecycle of what that equipment will look like, what the impact on your overall operations would be. I think EV technology as a whole is moving incredibly fast, is becoming more affordable and is going to continue to become financially advantageous and of course, reducing our environmental impact. I think for a lot of municipalities and a lot of organizations, this really can turn into a win-win on both sides. We're not having to pay $100,000.00 premium to get electric technology. We're getting it very close to on par with what a traditional fuel vehicle would be.

Justin Brunelle, Manager – Fleet Services
City of Medicine Hat, Alberta