Cooperative Purchasing

Canoe and Sourcewell are national municipal contracting agencies with competitively bid and awarded contract purchasing solutions, allowing your agency to purchase Zamboni products without the costly and time consuming bid process. There is no cost to join.

Contracts are competitively solicited to satisfy the public bidding process for its education, government, and nonprofit participating agencies. Learn more below about the Zamboni contract and how utilizing the power of Canoe and Sourcewell Cooperative Purchasing will make purchasing simple and more affordable.

Cooperative purchasing currently available in Canada through Canoe, and USA through Sourcewell.


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Traditional vs. Cooperative Purchasing Process

Traditional Purchasing Process

Average Time Investment
For All Eleven Steps

32 days

251 hours

Cooperative Purchasing Process

Reduced To Only Four Steps

1. Identify Need

2. Research Options

3. Issue PO

4. Receive Equipment

Who wouldn’t want to eliminate 64% of the work?!

Value of Cooperative Purchasing


✓ Competitive tender process already satisfied

✓ Satisfies trade legislative requirements for all members

Save Time & Money

✓ Full line of contracted solutions

✓ Simply pick the appropriate supplier — they do the rest

✓ Receive national volume, ceiling-based, discounted pricing


✓ Facilitating public sector cooperative procurement for decades

✓ Contract purchasing solutions that are competitively solicited, offering hundreds of awarded contracts

How Do I Make a Purchase


Contact Zamboni online or via phone with your order


Let them know you want to use the program


Confirm your purchase

Watch a Webinar Featuring Customers Who Have Leveraged
the Power of Cooperative Purchasing
and Hear Industry Experts Discussing the Benefits of the Programs!

Recorded during a live webinar where the benefits of cooperative procurement were reviewed in detail.

Speakers include:

Host: Marty Elliott, Zamboni
Marty is a Sales Account Representative for Zamboni Company, and the host of Ask the Zamboni Experts podcast.

Doug Peters, Zamboni
Doug is the Regional Sales Manager for Zamboni Company USA, Inc. and with decades of industry experience and related expertise, he’s committed to helping arena owners and operators make the right purchasing and equipment decisions.

Jesse Patenaude, Canoe Procurement Group
Jesse is the Manager of Business Development for the Canoe Procurement Group of Canada. He has 20 years of experience in the heavy equipment industry, and holds a designation as a Maintenance Management Professional, as well as a Blue and Red Seal journeyperson certifications.

Brad Wilkins, CIMCO Refrigeration
Brad is the US Recreation Project Team Lead for CIMCO, with more than 16 years of experience in the recreational market.

Reid Hart, Athletica Sports Systems
Reid is the Director of Sales at Athletica, and has 13 years of experience in the recreation industry.

Jeff Brosz, Becker Arena Products
Jeff is the General Manager at Becker Arena, and is highly experienced in everything from operations and budget analysis to compliance and regulatory requirements.

Jonathan Wood, Cascadia Sport Systems
Jonathan is the General Manager at Cascadia Sport Systems. He has more than 24 years of manufacturing experience, and specializes in providing custom solutions for the manufacturing and sport systems sector.

Rather than spending what could be weeks putting together a spec, now with Canoe already having qualified/vetted/negotiated the contract with the vendor, they can go in and choose what they're looking to get. Some of these specs could be 25 page documents. Being able to streamline that process and not spend time putting together something is a more efficient way to do it.

David Marshall
Vice President/Sales Manager, Kendrick Equipment
Surrey, British Columbia

We love Sourcewell. Managing procurement for the City of Santa Clarita has a lot of moving parts and any simplification of the process is a good thing. It's a real time-saver and we use it frequently for vehicles and other equipment.

Christine Saunders
Administrative Analyst, City of Santa Clarita
Santa Clarita, California