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Brochures and specification sheets for all Zamboni products

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Safety Resources

Safety Wall Poster

Each new Zamboni machine shipment includes a poster which should be placed on the wall in the machine's storage area so that it is visible for anyone near [...]

Safety Label Placement

It is important for the safe and proper operation of your machine that you make sure the safety labels are visible and legible. If your machine's safety labels [...]

Circle Check

The overall objective of the “circle check” on a Zamboni machine is to evaluate the ice resurfacer and its systems, as well as the environment in which it [...]

Safety Materials

The Zamboni Company provides machine owners with information regarding the safe and proper operation and maintenance of its products. All safety and operations reference materials should be posted [...]

Register Your Zamboni Machine and Download Safety Materials

The Zamboni Company provides resources for owners of Zamboni® ice resurfacers and other Zamboni products. If you have not already registered online, please take a moment to provide [...]

Air Quality and Emissions

The Zamboni Company has a long-standing concern about air quality and emissions in ice rinks, and we have been at the forefront of building electric and alternate fueled [...]

No Riders

The Zamboni Company has had a consistently firm position against riders being on a resurfacer, other than the operator. The Zamboni ice resurfacer was designed and intended for [...]

Industry Leading Performance and Efficiency

The benefits of using our fuel efficient Zamboni machines.

Posters for Electric Zamboni Equipment

Posters to let your visitors to your building know that electric Zamboni equipment is in use.

The Benefits of Going Electric with Zamboni

The benefits of going electric with Up to 75% Savings vs. cost of LPG vs. Savings from one tank a day of LPG alone can be thousands of [...]

Go Electric with Zamboni

The benefits of going electric with Zamboni.

Zamboni Performance Tip: How to Use Zamboni Digital Service Manuals