Introducing the Level-Ice laser leveling system. Automated precision blade control provides consistently level ice and significant savings of energy, water and time.


The Level-Ice transmitter provides an accurate reference point to within a half millimeter. Advanced receiver technology enables the system to control the cutting blade, based on the variable ice thickness detected while resurfacing.

Additional benefits:

  • Reduced snow pick up and disposal
  • Elimination of operator miscalculations
  • Less strain on the facility’s compressor
  • Reduced ice maintenance time and more
The beam projected from the transmitter to the receiver provides data that analyzes ice thickness and adjusts to control the ice level
The electric blade drive motor is installed in place of the manual crank to automate the process


The operator has one less task as the manual blade adjustment is replaced with the automated blade adjustment motor for a precise cut across the entire ice surface. Level-Ice raises the blade every 1/8 of a second and leaves lower spots untouched, allowing the ice to be built to an even and optimal height.


The Level-Ice system eliminates the variable results achieved by different operators. Programmed settings maintain a minimum and maximum cut standard which can be controlled by one user, allowing a consistent resurfacing from the entire ice maintenance team.

The controller provides real-time data regarding blade adjustment needs and performance


Exceptional improvements in efficiency reduce wear on the ice resurfacer and extend blade life. Significant savings from the dramatic reduction in energy and water consumption combine with less labor and more ice time, positively impacting the bottom line.

This option may not be available for all machine models. Prices, colors, materials, specifications and models are subject to change. For current product information, please contact the Zamboni Company

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