FastIce® Ice Making System


The FastICE® system creates superior ice with a computer controlled high pressure pump for an even and accurate fine mist water application. This reduces the need to maintain ice that is thicker than necessary and results in significant savings of time and energy.


  • FastICE enables facilities to build ice faster at higher temperatures
  • The FastICE spray freezes on contact
  • Replaces traditional flood pipe and spreader cloth of standard resurfacers
  • Improved ice quality for your skaters
  • Less gasses trapped in the ice reduces need for temperature adjustments to overcome “insulating effect”
  • Ice sheets made from hot water have reduced dehydration and thus maintain a harder surface
  • The precise fine mist eliminates excess water on the ice

The FastICE system is comprised of three main components : the Flash Freeze spraying system, the ICE Control onboard computer and the ICE Dart data retrieval and management system.

Flash Freeze™

Our advanced spraying system sprays pressurized water onto the ice. Spray nozzles convert water into fine droplets – forming a smooth consistent application which freezes quickly and bonds to the existing ice surface.

Hydraulically Controlled Water Pump
A hydraulically controlled pressurized water pump system is installed into the Resurfacer with a speedometer. These systems work together so that the flow of water increases and decreases based on the speed of the Resurfacer and the computer-controlled spray rate.

Spraying System
The spraying system attaches to the conditioner of the ice resurfacer. The spray system is
comprised of two rows of dripless nozzles spaced apart to create an even accurate application.

ICE Control™

The ICE Control onboard computer is a water flow management system, which integrates the spray thickness with the ground speed of the ice resurfacer. This produces more consistent ice, independent of the operator.

Computer Controls
The operator controls the real-time functions of the FastICE System from the switches on the Control Module. This user friendly computer controls allow the operator to increase or decrease spray thickness output instantly in response to their ice making conditions and demands. A blast button is also included to allow the user to blast additional water when needed.

Computer Console
The Computer console provides operator information on a durable backlit LCD screen. Users can switch between several preset screens with the touch of a button. The unit displays live data on:

  • Ground Speed – the actual speed of the ice resurfacer
  • Spray Thickness – selected by turning the spray adjust knob
  • Water Used – the amount of water applied during the current application
  • Times – start, finish and total times for current application

ICE Dart™

Data Retriever
The Data Retriever is a pocket size device that is used for retrieving data from the FastICE Computer Console. Plug the Data Retriever into the Computer Console, press the “bull’s-eye” button, and all current data is downloaded in seconds. Then, simply connect the Data Retriever to your PC’s serial port and transfer the data for complete reporting details.

Management Reports
The FastICE Computer System records complete information concerning each ice resurfacing and ice building application. The Data Retriever allows the user to transfer the records to a personal computer. Management can then view or print detailed FastICE system reports to monitor ice conditions, operator performance and application trends.

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