Building upon the solid reputation of its predecessor, the Model 552AC combines worry‑free AC motors and controls with legendary Zamboni quality, reliability and value.

Low Maintenance

AC motors and controls introduce new efficiencies and virtually eliminate associated maintenance. Microprocessor controlled chargers deliver long battery life. The battery package is easy to access and maintain. Proven and dependable Sevcon® Gen4 controls are built for tough industrial applications. On-board diagnostics provide management of machine functions and status updates.

Incorporating proven battery technology which meets the demands of busy ice arena schedules, the Model 552AC is built to perform in the harsh environment it calls home.

Zamboni introduced the world’s first electric powered ice resurfacer in February of 1960. As battery technology evolved, the 500 Series included electric powered production machines. In 1990, the Model 552 immediately set the standard for electric resurfacing equipment, demonstrating its quality and reliability. The Model 552AC combines decades of legendary electric performance and our industry-proven drivetrain with AC motors and controls, providing a low maintenance option for your high maintenance surface.

ROBUST Drivetrain

Four-wheel drive. Rugged Dana Spicer® axles combine with a 24 HP traction motor, providing the most reliable drivetrain in the industry.

The redesigned hydraulic system provides optimum power and reduced energy consumption for smooth and consistent operation. 11 hp AC pump motor. Easy access high quality filters.

Over seventy years ago, Zamboni introduced the world’s first ice resurfacing machine. In the decades since, we’ve proven our position as the maker of the industry’s most reliable and efficient ice resurfacing machine.


Designed for the tough demands of an ice arena. Our machines are built by hand. One at a time. By skilled craftsmen dedicated to building the highest quality products in an industry known to put equipment to the test.

Robust welded steel tubing chassis contributes to the sound construction of the machine. The ergonomically designed operator’s compartment has well-placed controls. Vertical auger enclosure reduces operator area sound levels. Exceptional results from our unrivaled down pressure system which puts the power where you need it. Premium primer and paint, rust-free poly water tanks and stainless steel hardware afford corrosion resistance.

The 552AC provides a tailpipe emission-free machine capable of handling the formidable challenges of ice maintenance. Zamboni ice resurfacers have a well-deserved reputation for producing the finest sheet of ice, even after many years of use.

Nothing else is even close.

Clean Ice. Clean Air. Clear Choice.

Worldwide, more facility operators choose Zamboni for their ice resurfacing needs.

Standard features

2 Year Warranty
400 Micron Wash Water Deep Filter Bag
Aluminum Alloy Wheels
Battery Charger: Microprocessor Controlled
Brushless AC Motors
Chassis: Strong All Welded Steel Tubing
Conditioner Safety Guards
Dependable Sevcon® Gen4 Solid State Controls
Digital Training and Reference Materials
Familiar Automobile-Style Foot Controls
Four-Wheel Drive
Guide Wheel
High Quality 9 Micron Filter
High Speed Vertical Auger
Hydraulic Oil Level Sight Gauge
Industry-Proven Lead Acid Batteries
LED Headlights and Tail lights
On-Dash Diagnostics
Parking Brake
Power Steering
Premium Polyester Felt Spreader Towel
Replaceable Poly Conditioner Side Plates
Rugged Dana Spicer® Axles
Rust-Free Poly Ice Making Water Tank
Snow Tank Safety Stand
Spare Tire and Wheel
Stainless Steel Hardware
Steering Wheel Spinner Knob
Touch Up Paint Kit
Tungsten Carbide Studded Tires
Variable Speed Electric Hydraulic Pump Motor
Wide Spectrum of Premium Automotive Paint Colors


Advanced Water System (AWS)
Automatic Snow Breaker
Back Up Alarm
Battery Watering Gun
Battery Watering System
Blade Change System
Cab Enclosure
Conditioner: 96” Blade
Conditioner: Galvanized
Electric Water Level Gauge
FastICE® Ice Making System
Heated Ergonomic Comfort Design Seat
•  Armrest
•  Seatbelt
IceCaps® Wheel Advertising System
Integrated Auger Washout System
Low Guide Wheel
Seat Belt
Snow Melting Kit
Snow Tank Dump Height Restriction
Snow Tank Light
Stainless Steel Water Distribution Pipe
Tire Wash System
Wash Water to Ice Making Water Transfer
Wash Water System with Poly Tank
Water Level Sight Gauge
Zamboni Connect System
Zamboni Power Brush Board Brush System

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