The exceptional water, blade and snow capacities are ideal for speed skating ovals, bandy rinks and large surfaces. Packed with features, this is the ultimate large capacity resurfacer.

EUROPEAN Sensibilities

With its Swedish heritage and design, the IZO Model 712 commands attention. Its clean lines and well positioned components demonstrate the thorough and thoughtful development process which brought this resurfacer to life. This electric powerhouse features lead acid or optional lithium-ion battery packages. Lead acid – 625 Ah lead acid battery is standard with optional 775 Ah or 840 Ah battery configurations.  Optional Lithium-ion 210 Ah or 310 Ah battery configurations. AC motors and controls provide efficiencies and virtually eliminate associated maintenance. Four electric wheel motors provides dynamic stability, traction control and optimized on-ice performance. The largest water capacity in the industry.


The IZO Model 712 doesn’t have a lot of options…it doesn’t need them. It sports a lengthy list of standard features that would make any other resurfacer envious. The machine operator will enjoy the comfortable heated and adjustable seat and adjustable steering wheel. Surrounded by advanced technology, the operator can monitor and control operations and performance using the on-dash digital display screen. The blade adjustment hand wheel can be custom set to support the individual ergonomics of each operator. Unique positioning of the wash water return flow provides real-time confirmation of the performance of the system. Preset speed options are tailor-made for ice maintenance, ice hockey and bandy. The snow tank can accommodate over five cubic meters of compacted snow, making the 712 ideal for larger ice surfaces.

Additional features include: automated wash water pump start; electric water valve operation; emergency stop button; backup alarm; tire wash system; snow tank light; speed related ice making water system; manual or automatic ice making water control; automatic snow breaker; battery watering system; ice making water level gauge; wash water level gauge; integrated snow tank safety stand; belt-driven augers; power cylindrical board brush; closed wash water system; parking brake; power steering; non-stick snow tank liner; stainless steel wash water tank; stainless steel ice making water tank; stainless steel water distribution pipe; wash water to ice making water transfer system; LED headlights and tail light.

Auto ice system

The innovative Auto Ice System allows the operator to begin the resurfacing with the push of a button. As the machine slowly enters the ice surface, use the Auto Ice feature and the system will lower the conditioner, start the machine’s augers, initiate the wash water system, lower the spreader towel and begin the AWS (Advanced Water System) using the most recent water flow settings. This preset feature ensures consistency between operators and automates the functions which normally require manual control by the machine’s operator. At the conclusion of the resurfacing, a simple touch of the Auto Ice System button turns off the water and augers and lifts the conditioner.


The rugged four-wheel drive chassis is hand-built, using strong all welded steel tubing. The galvanized steel frame with rear swing axle is corrosion-resistant and designed for the harsh environment in which it will perform. The snow tank has a thicker steel base with a hydraulic lid made of reinforced Fiberglas. Unique features include transparent auger viewing panels to monitor auger performance and replaceable conditioner runners and poly side plates.

Clean Ice. Clean Air. Clear Choice.

Worldwide, more facility operators choose Zamboni for their ice resurfacing needs.

Standard features

2 Year Warranty
Adjustable Steering Wheel
Auto Ice Button for an Automated Start and Stop to All Resurfacing Processes
Automated Wash Water Pump Start
Automatic Snow Breaker
Backup Alarm
Battery Watering System
Battery: Lead Acid 625 Ah with 5 Year Warranty
Blade Change Ease of Access From Above
Brushless AC Motors and Controls
Charger Adjusted to Customer Specs and Microprocessor Controlled
Chassis: Strong All Welded Steel Tubing
Closed Wash Water System
Dual Auger Startup
Dynamic Stability and Traction Control
Electric Water Valve Operation
Electric Wheel Motors
Emergency Stop Button
Ergonomic Blade Adjustment Wheel
Four-Wheel Drive
Galvanized Steel Frame Rear Swing Axle
Guide Wheel
Hydraulic All Wheel Braking
Hydraulic Oil Vacuum Pump
Fiberglass Hydraulic Snow Tank Lid
Ice Making Water Level Gauge
Integrated Snow Tank Safety Stand
LED Headlights And Tail Light
Automatic / Manual Ice Making Water Control
Non-Stick Snow Tank Liner
On-Dash Digital System Performance Display
On-Dash View of Wash Water Return Flow
Parking Brake
Power Cylindrical Board Brush
Power Steering
Premium Adjustable / Heated Seat
Premium Spreader Towel
Preset Speed Options For Ice Maintenance, Ice Hockey And Bandy
Replaceable Conditioner Runners
Replaceable Poly Conditioner Side Plates
Safety Valve on Hydraulic Cylinders for Snow Tank and Conditioner
Snow Tank Light and View Panel
Spare Tire and Wheel
Speed-Related Ice Making Water System
Stainless Steel Wash and Ice Making Water Tank
Stainless Steel Water Distribution Pipe
Steering Wheel Spinner Knob
Tire Wash System and Studded Tires
Transparent Auger Viewing Panels
Variable Auger Speed Based on Water Flow
Wash Water Level Gauge
Wash Water to IMW Transfer System


Auger Washout System
Automated Towel Bar Lift Raises Towel When Water Is Turned Off
Battery: Lead Acid – 775 Ah and 840 Ah
Battery: Lithium-ion – 210 Ah and 310 Ah
Blade Change System
Front Camera
Machine-Mounted Edger
Spray Boom
Touch Up Paint Kit
Zamboni Connect System

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