Options and Accessories

Zamboni offers a wide range of options and accessories designed to enhance the performance of your Zamboni ice resurfacer.

Zamboni Connect

Harness the power of data within your machine. Monitor consumption and optimize performance with predictive insight and resource management.


The FastICE® system creates superior ice with a computer controlled high pressure pump for an even and accurate fine mist water application.


Automated precision blade control provides consistently level ice and significant savings of energy, water and time.

Blade Changing Assistant

The Conti Blade Changing Assistant allows the operator to complete a safe, quick and easy installation or removal without touching the exposed blade.

For additional information about these products, please contact your Regional Sales Manager or Zamboni Authorized Distributor.

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400 Micron Mesh Wash Water Deep Filter Bag

The 400 micron mesh wash water filters are designed with a deep reservoir for additional filtration space.

Advanced Water System — AWS™

Regulates the amount of water dispensed onto the ice relative to the machine speed for an efficient and even application.

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Auto Snow Breaker

Automates the manual task, providing a continually clear snow conveyance path between the horizontal and vertical augers.

Battery Watering Gun

This watering gun adjusts to customize fill level, has auto shut-off and attaches to any standard hose for precise refilling.

Electric Water Level Gauge

The electric water level gauge provides accurate and real-time information at a glance to evaluate ice making water tank levels.

Engine Diagnostic Computer Interface Tool

Engine diagnostic computer interface tool is a valuable resource which has been developed to provide real-time as well as stored information regarding diagnostics and performance of your machine.

Galvanized Conditioner

The galvanized conditioner affords additional corrosion resistance in the harsh environment the machine will call home.

Heated Ergonomic Comfort Design Seat

Designed with the operator in mind, our premium seat has optimal adjustability.

Hydraulic Oil Cooler Kit

Hydraulic Oil Cooler Kit

IceCaps Advertising Wheel Covers

An eye-catching addition to your machine, the wheel covers remain properly oriented to display your sponsor’s message. Brochure

Integrated Auger Washout System

Simplifies the vertical and horizontal auger washout task, from a single point on the machine’s conditioner. Operators can select the single or dual auger washout, affording significant time savings and a safer washout process.

Low Guide Wheel

Non-Stick Snow Tank Liner

The non-stick snow tank liner ensures a quick release of the snow tank contents. Available for Model 446, Model 526 and Model 650.

Snow Tank Light

The snow tank light illuminates the tank to provide the operator with better visibility while monitoring the snow tank capacity during resurfacing.

Squeegee Attachment

Our squeegee allows the operator to direct and push the broken ice and slush off of the rink surface for removal and disposal.

Stainless Steel Water Distribution Pipe

The stainless steel water distribution pipe affords additional corrosion resistance in the harsh environment the machine will call home.

V-Plow Attachment

Our V-Plow attachment makes quick work of ice removal for season or multi-purpose arenas.

Zamboni Power Board Brush System

The unique design allows the brush to clean higher on the dasher board kick plate providing targeted cleaning and dramatically improved results.

These options may not be available for all machine models. Prices, colors, materials, specifications and models are subject to change. For current product information, please contact the Zamboni Company