Euro Edger

Edge With The Push Of A Button

The Zamboni Euro Edger saves time and labor resources. The electric permanent magnet motor is the most powerful in the industry. The wide 14-inch (356 mm) cut clears a level and even path around the edge of the ice sheet. Each of the eight-sided cutters has specially honed edges that provide a more effective cut, last longer, and save replacement time and cost.

The snow created during the edging process is conveniently channeled in the direction of the resurfacing path and is simultaneously collected by the machine while underway.
Combining the edging and resurfacing processes eliminates the need for the manual process which involves an operator for the edger to follow along on the ice sheet, providing a safer and more efficient ice maintenance process.
Currently available for the IZO Model 612 and IZO Model 712 with the 500 Series machine model option “coming soon”. Not available for the 400 Series or 650 machine models.