ZAMBONI Machines On Ice In Torino 2006

Paramount, California, July 25, 2005 — The Zamboni Company has participated in many historic events, but one of the most prestigious continues to be the Winter Olympic Games. The 2006 Winter Olympic Games, which are being held in Torino, Italy, will be a “homecoming” of sorts for the Zamboni Company. Frank Zamboni’s mother was born in a village just west of Torino, located in northwestern Italy.

The Zamboni Company’s regional distributor, Intercom-Dr. Leitner, is the Official Supplier and Sponsor of ice and snow equipment for the 2006 events. Each of the ice arenas in Torino will be using Zamboni exclusively for their ice resurfacing needs. The “fleet” of Zamboni machines will be comprised entirely of the electric powered Model 552.

The Zamboni® Ice Resurfacing Machine made its Olympic debut at the Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley, California in 1960. The Squaw Valley Games were the first to use a mechanical ice resurfacer, with six Zamboni machines maintaining the ice sheets. It was also the first time that the Olympic Games included an artificially refrigerated 400 meter speed skating oval. As the Games approached, Frank Zamboni was working on his latest innovation: an electric version of the ice resurfacing machines, which until that time had been powered with gasoline or propane. As the Games began, the very first electric Zamboni ice resurfacing machine moved out on to the Olympic ice surface at the Blythe Arena and history was made.

Since that time, the machines have had a presence at every Olympic ice event. Most recently, the machines groomed the ice in Salt Lake City, Utah for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Zamboni’s Olympic participation through the years continues to be a source of great pride for the Company.

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