ZAMBONI Introduces Model 545: 2007

For Immediate Release


PARAMOUNT, CALIFORNIA (October 1, 2007) – The Zamboni Company has introduced the latest in its line of ice resurfacing machines, the Model 445, Model 525 and Model 545. Stepping in for the popular Models 440, 520 and 540, these new machines introduce efficient and reliable new engine technologies to the world’s most popular ice resurfacing machines.

The Model 445 and Model 525 machines feature a state of the art General Motors 3.0 liter engine with fuel injection and enhanced performance. This is the first use by Zamboni of a GM engine product. The larger engine gives the 445 and 525 additional strength and ability. A continuously variable hydrostatic pump and motor deliver consistent on-ice power with maximum drawbar pull, even at low speeds. The Model 445 and 525 are manufactured in the Zamboni Company’s Brantford facility which is located just outside of Toronto in Canada.

The Model 545 incorporates a 2.0 liter Hyundai engine with multi-port fuel injection. The engine is specifically designed for industrial applications and is a proven performer. The smaller, more efficient engine produces greater torque and horsepower than larger displacement engines, while achieving significant fuel savings. It meets or exceeds the CARB requirements, providing a cleaner arena environment. In addition, the 545 has increased its wash water capacity by 10 US gallons.

These models have the tightest turning radius in the industry and feature the unique down pressure system which allows for the removal of minor imperfections and the smoothest possible sheet of ice.

For over half a century, the Zamboni Company has been the leader in ice resurfacing technology. In the continuing legacy of its founder, Frank Zamboni, the Company works to apply industrial science, proven performance, and future technologies and to make the best ice resurfacing machines for rinks and arenas throughout the world.

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