Zamboni Company Announces Introduction of New Model

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PARAMOUNT, CALIFORNIA (January 18, 2013) – The Zamboni Company has introduced the latest in its line of ice resurfacing machines, the Model 546. Replacing the Model 545, this new machine introduces an efficient and reliable new engine supplier to the world's most popular ice resurfacing machines.

The Model 546 incorporates a 1.6 liter Kubota® engine (gasoline or LPG) which provides the industry's best fuel efficiency. Kubota's engine is a reliable performer specifically designed for industrial applications and is based on a proven cast iron diesel engine platform.

Following are some of the Kubota 1.6 liter engine's key features:

  • Low vibration and noise
  • Electronic fuel injection – gasoline
  • Electronically controlled carburetor – propane
  • Electronic drive by wire throttle control
  • 3-Way catalyic converter
  • Gear drive valve train – no belts or chains
  • Diagnostic port
  • Hot tested at factory
  • Kubota is the Manufacturer of Record (MOR)

Kubota's compact, lightweight, high-output engines enjoy a strong reputation in the global market for their excellent performance, quality, reliability and eco-friendly features. Notably, Kubota became the first company in the world to obtain certification for general-purpose engines under the California Air Resources Board (CARB) emissions regulations in 1993. Ever since, Kubota has been a pioneer on the environmental technologies front. With the combined Zamboni and Kubota worldwide network of subsidiaries, dealers and local offices, support for the Model 546 engine is unequalled in the industry.

For over half a century, the Zamboni Company has been the leader in ice resurfacing technology. In the continuing legacy of its founder, Frank Zamboni, the Company works to apply industrial science, proven performance, and future technologies and to make the best ice resurfacing machines for rinks and arenas throughout the world.

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