A tractor-pulled unit for ice surfaces up to 17,000 square feet and the flexibility to adapt to a variety of tractor configurations. Easy operator access to control console while resurfacing.


Designed for surfaces up to 17,000 sf, the Model 200 delivers results normally afforded only by way of a self-propelled ice resurfacer. Shaves the ice and leaves fresh ice-making water behind for a true resurfacing of the ice. Precision conveyor maximizes snow capture. The weight and down pressure of the unit help the blade effectively shave the ice sheet. The blade holder is tapered upward to feather away edge marks between resurfacing laps. 


Self-contained processes and easy access to controls provide a remarkably simple resurfacing. The Model 200 is designed with the operator in mind with a control console within reach and easy access to adjustable components. Easy blade adjustment for leveling and depth of cut. A simple connection/disconnection to a three-point tractor hitch allows facilities to use their tractors for multiple pieces of equipment.


Industry-leading capacities with 1.42 m3 (50 ft3) of snow tank space and 424 L (112 USG) of ice making water. Spring-loaded door opens vertically, reducing unit length.


Hand-welded steel body, sealed bearings, high quality paint, galvanized water distribution pipe and corrosion-free poly ice-making water tank for durability. access to blade facilitates quick and easy blade changing. Low maintenance with simplicity by design.



Standard features

Precision Chain Conveyor Can Completely Fill Tank
Blade Holder Tapered Upward to “Feather” Away Edge Marks
Conveyor Safety Guards
Easy Blade Adjustment for Leveling and Depth of Cut
High Quality Premium Automotive Paint
One Year Warranty
Operator Accessible Adjustment Controls
Poly Ice Making Water Tank
Rear Access to Blade Facilitates Quick and Easy Changing
Sealed Bearings

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