The 526 Ice Resurfacer

The 526 is simple to drive and very easy to operate.

The ergonomically designed operator’s compartment has controls and gauges placed for ease of operation and optimal visibility during the resurfacing process. Operation of the machine is made easier with an electronic governor and familiar automobile-style foot controls.

The hydrostatic transmission offers unmatched power at any speed. The smaller, more efficient engine consumes less fuel and provides a cleaner arena environment.

The 526 has it all… reliability, performance and handling.


The Ultimate Machine

Our engine and hydrostatic transmission enable the 526 to use a smaller, more efficient engine and can provide significant fuel savings.

Zamboni ice resurfacers have a well-deserved reputation for producing the finest sheet of ice using our unique down pressure system.

  • Serviceability

    Wide-open access epitomizes Zamboni's commitment to providing the highest level of serviceability. Daily checks of fluid levels and other maintenance items can easily be performed. With its CAN bus system and multi-function display, manufacturer's recommended oil change and tune-up intervals are programmed into the machine and are accessible for review on the dash display. The operator can plan ahead with the visible countdown leading up to service intervals.

  • Construction

    Strong 2" x 5" all-welded steel tubing Zamboni chassis. Chassis/axle combination is the key to the 526 having a 16' turning radius - a full 3' tighter than most other machines. High quality primer used throughout. Rust-free polyethylene ice making water tank with easy access cover is standard.

  • Transmission

    Continuously variable hydrostatic pump and motor are axial-piston type. Provides superior on-ice power with maximum drawbar pull even at low speeds. Full hydro-dynamic braking.

  • Drivetrain

    Four-wheel drive. Rugged Dana Spicer® axles combine with an innovative hydrostatic transmission, providing the most reliable drivetrain in the industry.

  • Hydraulics

    Powerful double pump for the vertical and horizontal augers delivers strong conveyor performance. Hydraulic down pressure provides superior shaving results. Direct shaft driven "piggy-back" mount for trouble-free service. High quality 16 and 22 micron filters are easy to access.