NHL Online Survey

Arena owners, operators and friends: on behalf of the National Hockey League (NHL), please take a moment to read their note below and complete the League’s online survey.

The NHL is committed to defending the natural environment. Hockey was born outdoors on frozen ponds. Cold climates and fresh water are essential to preserving the roots of our game.

Today, hockey is played predominantly indoors, in ice rinks that serve as the social and cultural hubs of their communities. Since 2010, the NHL has taken steps to measure and reduce the impact the sport has on the planet, starting with NHL arenas. We measured our footprint, implemented environmentally sustainable technologies and strategies, issued the first sustainability report in professional sports and counterbalanced our emissions with carbon offsets and green energy.

Now through the NHL Greener Rinks Initiative™, the League is on a mission to measure and evaluate the environmental impact of the greater hockey community. The initiative was announced in the United States by the White House on October 6, as part of the inaugural Green Sports Day (U.S.), in a letter signed by President Barack Obama and featured in a White House fact sheet.

To begin, we are calling on rink owners and operators for an assist: by completing this survey, you will be joining the NHL in its mission to promote more environmentally sustainable business practices.

The questions asked below require intimate knowledge of the arena; we are asking owners or those in managerial or engineering roles to complete this survey. As a thank-you, upon submission you will receive one 40% discount on one order from shop.nhl.com.

Thanks for your help and best of luck in the 2016-17 hockey season.

– The NHL Green Team

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Air Quality and Emissions

The Zamboni Company has a long-standing concern about air quality and emissions in ice rinks, and we have been at the forefront of building electric and alternate fueled vehicles since the late 1970’s. We’re confident that our machines if properly maintained can continue to operate in a safe manner even after many years of use.

The machines built today by the Zamboni Company are almost exclusively alternative fuel powered, using propane and natural gas engines or electric power. All of our machine models provide a clean option and they allow a “green” choice for arena operators, based on their specific needs.

However, with respect to older machines, just as in the automobile industry the responsibility for maintenance rightly belongs to the owner of the vehicle. Even with proper maintenance, there can never be an elimination of indoor air ventilation and regular testing of the air quality inside all rinks is critical, no matter the age of the machine.

The Zamboni Company and their Zamboni Authorized Distributors provide a network of support and information for owners of Zamboni® ice resurfacing machines. Operations manuals, safety information and maintenance information relating to our products is available to owners of new and older model machines. Zamboni Customer Service and our Authorized Distributors can assist with Zamboni Authentic Parts and Service. Contact information is located in the “Contact” section of this web site.

The United States Ice Rink Association has compiled important reference material regarding air quality in ice rinks which we encourage you to review. You can find it on their website via this link: STAR website