Zamboni Celebrates 50 Years of Emission-Free Electric Vehicles

For Immediate Release


PARAMOUNT, CALIFORNIA (January 16, 2009) – Frank J. Zamboni & Co., Inc. proudly announced that the Company will be delivering their 1,000th electric ice resurfacing machine in 2009, which coincides with the Zamboni Company’s 50th anniversary of the production of electric powered ice resurfacing machines.

The Zamboni Company introduced the world’s first electric powered ice resurfacing machine in 1959. Two electric units were used during the Squaw Valley Winter Olympic Games in California in 1960. Frank Zamboni continued to develop the electric powered machines and worked tirelessly to increase their efficiency and reliability, as the machines had to be able to maintain the ice with a minimum amount of time dedicated to recharging.

Since that time, the emission-free Zamboni Model 552 has become increasingly popular as an alternative to fuel powered machines. Zamboni electric ice resurfacers are in use around the world, with the first Model 552 (circa 1990) recently undergoing a full restoration for its continued use at a facility in the Arctic Circle.

The Model 552 features industry proven technology giving it the ability to meet the needs of arenas with busy schedules. The Zamboni Company continues to lead the way within the industry by integrating electric power advances to enhance the performance of the Model 552.

With a history that spans over six decades, the Zamboni Company preserves its founder’s legacy through continuing innovation and its support of the ice sport industry. As the leader in ice resurfacing technology, Zamboni remains the overwhelming choice for ice rink operators throughout the world.

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