Owner Update

Ice Resurfacer Owner Information Update
Please take a moment to help us update our records to ensure important safety and product information is delivered to the proper recipients.

  • Important Safety Information for machine operators!

    All new Zamboni ice resurfacers ship with a safety poster designed to be posted in the machine storage area for the reference of all operators and arena staff. If you do not already have this poster in your facility or would like a replacement, please let us know and one will be mailed to you using the address you share below in the update.
  • Safety Poster
  • Facility Information

  • Contact Information

  • Equipment Information

  • E.g. Zamboni Model 446, S/N 1023, Hours: 500
    Brand of ResurfacerModelSerial NumberHours 
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  • Brand of ResurfacerModel 
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  • Zamboni Factory On-Site Training

    Designed for machine operators, the program is led by Zamboni Staff and the topics include: safe and proper operation of the facility’s ice resurfacing equipment; troubleshooting; maximizing efficiencies etc.
    Training Flyer