Zamboni Europe Open House

For Zamboni Authorized Distributors and Zamboni Europe Customers


Thursday, August 30th, 2018

Murarmörkret 4 SE-810 20
Österfärnebo Sweden

Exciting new product introductions and demonstrations including:

  • Zamboni IZO Model 612 and 612XL
  • Machine mounted auto edger
  • Zamboni Model 552AC electric resurfacer
  • FastICE advanced ice making system
  • Conti™ Blade Change Assistant
  • Zamboni 700 Series update
  • EZIII electric edger
  • Live demonstration of the new Zamboni Connect™ System


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För Zamboni Auktoriserade Återförsäljare Och Zamboni Europe Kunder


Thursday, August 30th, 2018

Murarmörkret 4 SE-810 20 Österfärnebo Sweden

Introduktion och demonstration av nya spännande produkter, bla.

  • Zamboni IZO Modell 612 och 612XL
  • Maskinmonterad kantfräs “auto edger”
  • Zamboni Modell 552AC
  • FastICE Avancerat läggvatten-system
  • Conti™ Knivbytes-redskap för säkra knivbyten
  • Zamboni 700 Seriens uppdateringar
  • EZIII electric edger
  • Live demonstration av nya Zamboni Connect™ Systemet



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Elite Grand Hotel Gävle
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Bokningskod: ZAMBONI

Superior enkelrum: 1250,00 SEK
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Distributor Meeting

We would like to remind you that the upcoming meeting for Zamboni Authorized Distributors takes place in July and that the information being shared will be of value to ALL of our Distributors, not just those located in North America. The invitation is open to all Distributors who are able to make the trip.

The Zamboni Company Announces Formation of Zamboni Europe

For Immediate Release

New Company Supports European Ice Sports Industry Growth

The Zamboni Company is proud to announce an agreement in principle to purchase our Zamboni Authorized Distributor in Sweden, Izomaskin AB. With this purchase, we will be renaming Izomaskin AB as Zamboni Europe. Zamboni Europe will continue to be located in Österfänebo, Sweden and will combine the strong manufacturing and service capabilities of Izomaskin AB with the proven and trusted Zamboni brand and products.

With thousands of Zamboni ice resurfacing machines in service all around the globe, the Zamboni Company has Zamboni Authorized Distributors and Service providers in place to locally serve the needs of the owners and operators of those products. Even with this formidable team, the continued growth of the European marketplace requires an enhanced presence.

With the facility in Sweden, Zamboni customers in Europe will benefit from the availability of locally stocked Zamboni Authentic Parts, as well as having a Zamboni Corporate office in the region.

“The local Zamboni Authorized Distributors in the European region do a great job representing and supporting the Zamboni brand and products. Over the past few years, it became clear that a corporate presence in Europe would benefit our network of Distributors as well as the owners and operators of our products.”, said Greg Dean, Vice President of Sales and Brand Management for the Zamboni Company.

For nearly seventy years, the Zamboni Company has been the leader in ice resurfacing technology and innovation. In the continuing legacy of its founder, Frank J. Zamboni, the Zamboni Company works to apply industrial science, proven performance, and future technologies into the development and manufacture of its ice resurfacing machines for ice rinks and arenas throughout the world.

Attachment: News Release Zamboni Europe

Zamboni On-Ice Product Showcase Aug 17, 2017

The event for ice rink industry professionals!

August 17th from 9 am to 3 pm. Breakfast and Lunch served.
Hosted by Budweiser Gardens, home of the London Knights


See the latest Zamboni product introductions, demonstrated on-ice including:

  • Zamboni Model 650
  • Zamboni Model 526
  • FastICE® Advanced Ice Making System
  • Latec™ Level-Ice™ Laser Leveling System
  • Conti™ Blade Changing Assistant
  • EZIII™ Electric Edger
  • Zamboni Power Brush™ Board Brush
  • Zamboni Integrated Auger Washout System


The topics covered will include:

  • Energy Efficiencies
  • Service Maintenance Program
  • Machine/Product Options Demonstrations


Industry experts in attendance include:

  • NHL Green will be onsite to meet attendees and discuss and answer questions about the NHL Greener Rinks Initiative.
  • The Ontario Recreation Facilities Association (ORFA) will have representatives at the event to share information on ORFA courses and professional designations.
  • Lynda Jeffries, Montreal Branch Manager for Crown Battery
  • Zamboni Customer Service
  • Zamboni Authorized Distributors



9:00 am – Welcome, introductions and coffee / pastry breakfast
9:15-12:00 pm – On-ice product demonstrations and industry experts
12:00-12:30 pm – Lunch is served on-site
1:00-3:00 pm- Hands-on new product and equipment introductions; industry speakers and question and answer session to conclude the day.


The Benefits of Going Electric with Zamboni

The benefits of going electric with
Up to 75% Savings
vs. cost of LPG
A few dollars electric charge a day


$20 LPG fuel cost a day
Savings from one tank a day of LPG alone can be thousands of $$$$ a year.


* Based on assessment of a Canadian municipal facility, calculating their daily LPG costs vs. costs to power electric Zamboni Model 552 at local energy rate.

Low Maintenance. No Tuneups.
AC Motors are Virtually Maintenance Free.
The significant savings in fuel and maintenance costs may offset the initial investment in the electric equipment within the first few years of ownership.


Individual results may vary

Clean Air. Clean Ice.
Eliminate millions of cubic feet of emissions annually.
Reduced strain on your building’s ventilation system. Saves money and energy, and provides peace of mind.


Estimated emissions output from current Model 526 engine at 2500 rpm calculated using 1267 cu. ft. of emissions x 15 daily resurfacings.

Related Machines

Register as a Zamboni Product Owner

The Zamboni Company provides resources for owners of Zamboni® ice resurfacers and other Zamboni products. If you have not already registered online, please take a moment to provide us with the current information regarding your machine(s). Registering online will allow us to share important product information with you. Updated service, parts, safety, machine operations and relevant information will be available to our registered owners of our products.

Zamboni Owner Registration

NHL Online Survey

Arena owners, operators and friends: on behalf of the National Hockey League (NHL), please take a moment to read their note below and complete the League’s online survey.

The NHL is committed to defending the natural environment. Hockey was born outdoors on frozen ponds. Cold climates and fresh water are essential to preserving the roots of our game.

Today, hockey is played predominantly indoors, in ice rinks that serve as the social and cultural hubs of their communities. Since 2010, the NHL has taken steps to measure and reduce the impact the sport has on the planet, starting with NHL arenas. We measured our footprint, implemented environmentally sustainable technologies and strategies, issued the first sustainability report in professional sports and counterbalanced our emissions with carbon offsets and green energy.

Now through the NHL Greener Rinks Initiative™, the League is on a mission to measure and evaluate the environmental impact of the greater hockey community. The initiative was announced in the United States by the White House on October 6, as part of the inaugural Green Sports Day (U.S.), in a letter signed by President Barack Obama and featured in a White House fact sheet.

To begin, we are calling on rink owners and operators for an assist: by completing this survey, you will be joining the NHL in its mission to promote more environmentally sustainable business practices.

The questions asked below require intimate knowledge of the arena; we are asking owners or those in managerial or engineering roles to complete this survey. As a thank-you, upon submission you will receive one 40% discount on one order from

Thanks for your help and best of luck in the 2016-17 hockey season.

– The NHL Green Team

Go to the NHL Greener Rinks Survey >

No Riders

The Zamboni Company has had a consistently firm position against riders being on a resurfacer, other than the operator. The Zamboni ice resurfacer was designed and intended for use only as a special purpose machine and not as a recreational or promotional machine. The Zamboni Company’s warning labels, operating instructions, safety instructions and safety poster clearly state, “Do not permit riders on the Zamboni machine at any time” and “No Riders!” Any failure to adhere to the safety labels’ warnings, operating instructions and safety instructions must be considered a serious matter.

Air Quality and Emissions

The Zamboni Company has a long-standing concern about air quality and emissions in ice rinks, and we have been at the forefront of building electric and alternate fueled vehicles since the late 1970’s. We’re confident that our machines if properly maintained can continue to operate in a safe manner even after many years of use.

The machines built today by the Zamboni Company are almost exclusively alternative fuel powered, using propane and natural gas engines or electric power. All of our machine models provide a clean option and they allow a “green” choice for arena operators, based on their specific needs.

However, with respect to older machines, just as in the automobile industry the responsibility for maintenance rightly belongs to the owner of the vehicle. Even with proper maintenance, there can never be an elimination of indoor air ventilation and regular testing of the air quality inside all rinks is critical, no matter the age of the machine.

The Zamboni Company and their Zamboni Authorized Distributors provide a network of support and information for owners of Zamboni® ice resurfacing machines. Operations manuals, safety information and maintenance information relating to our products is available to owners of new and older model machines. Zamboni Customer Service and our Authorized Distributors can assist with Zamboni Authentic Parts and Service. Contact information is located in the “Contact” section of this web site.

The United States Ice Rink Association has compiled important reference material regarding air quality in ice rinks which we encourage you to review. You can find it on their website via this link: USIRA website

Operations Manuals and Safety Materials

The Zamboni Company provides machine owners with information regarding the safe and proper operation and maintenance of its products. All safety and operations reference materials should be posted properly and made available to operators for their review on a regular basis. Replacement materials are available through our corporate offices. Later model machines have detailed instructions in both the manual and on the factory installed warning labels. We have mailed updated instructions and warning labels to all known owners of older units. These labels are available at no charge.

Zamboni Safety Information[ois skin=”Safety Doc Download”]

If you have a machine with its warning labels removed, obstructed or painted over, we encourage you to contact us and we will send replacements.